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Barnwell Mountain Rental Policies
The following rental cabin and bunkhouse policies are defined in the rental cabin agreement that will be signed upon arrival at the park.
  • Tenant shall keep no pets or other animals on the premises.
  • Tenant shall bring their own cookware, linens, towels, and bathroom supplies.
  • The cabins are Non-Smoking environments.
  • No RVs or camping trailers may be parked adjacent to the cabins and connected to the electrical outlets.
  • A key deposit of $15 will be charged.
  • The park is not liable for any personal injury or damage to any personal property sustained by the Tenant or any member of the Tenants family, guests, or invitees. Tenant hereby releases and agrees to hold the park harmless from any sunch injury or damage.
  • Tenant shall not lease or sublet any part of the premises.
  • At the end of the stay, Tenant shall leave the premises in as good condition as it was intiallity. Tenant shall pay for any damage or injury to the premises or items of personal property located therein caused by the Tenant or the Tenant's family, guests, or invitees.
  • CLEANUP BEFORE YOU LEAVE! There will be a cleaning fee of $50-100 that will be charged if the cabin or bunkhouse is not left in the same condition as it was found and requires extra cleaning beyond the normal touch-ups, garbage removal, etc. In order to not be charged for cleaning, you must:
    1. Leave the cabin in the same order in which you found it. This includes interior and exterior spaces. Cabins are inspected before and after each visitor.
    2. Clean up all trash and place the bags in the trash can or the dumpster.
    3. Wipe down counter tops and sweep the floor.
    4. Close all windows shades, lock the door, and return the key to the office.
  • Tenant agrees to comply with all rules and regulations provided upon rental.
  • Check-out time is 12:00 noon.
  • Check-in time is noon Thursday and 2:00PM Friday and Saturday.
  • The front gate closes at midnight. No one will be allowed to enter until the following morning at 8:00AM.

Cancellations and Refunds

We know that plans can change, However, we rely primarily on advance reservations and cancellations cannot always be filled. To be fair to all concerned, our policy is as follows:

  • If a reservation is cancelled at least 7 days prior to your arrival date, all rental fees less a $15 processing fee is refunded. Refunds will be sent in a timely manner through PayPal.
  • If you cancel a cabin during the seven days prior to your arrival, you will forfeit all rental fees. If the cancelled cabin is re-booked, we will refund your forfeited fees less a $15 processing fee. Refunds will occur during the week following the reservation date so that we can attempt to rent the cabin again.
  • Bunkhouse and RV space rentals will receive refunds for cancellations if all of the bunkhouses or RV spaces were NOT reserved (i.e., there was some availability). If all are reserved, the policies above will prevail. The cabins are excluded from this exception.
  • No shows will be charged in full unless the cabin is re-rented.
  • We do not offer cancellations for inclement weather unless the park is closed.
  • You may notify the office of your cancellation by phone during office hours Thursday through Sunday or by email at any time. You may also use the link provided in your reservation confirmation email to cancel a facility.
  • Refunds will made using PayPal.

Cabin and Bunkhouse Rules

We hope you enjoy your stay at BMRA. To help assure the same environment for subsequent visitors, we request you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Please park all vehicles only in designated parking areas. Please do not park on grassy areas or on the decorative rocks.
  2. No pets or animals are permitted in the cabins or bunkhouses.
  3. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  4. Please leave the cabin in a clean condition.
  5. Please remove and dispose of all perishable food and drinks when leaving.
  6. No fires are permitted on the premises except in the designated grills or fire pits. Please do not leave any fire unattended and extinguish fires completely before leaving.
  7. Do not disable or tamper with smoke detectors or other electronic devices on the premises.
  8. Please respect others by keeping music and noise to a minimum after 10:00PM.
  9. It is assumed that if you are staying in a cabin for a night that you plan to enjoy the park the following day and gate fees for that day apply.

These policies will be enforced verbatim. Please do not ask for an exception.